Dr Elizabeth Celi, psychologist, men's health psychologistEver consider that the “empty weight” of your body fat is emotional baggage?

  • Are you having trouble shifting your body fat?
  • All your efforts seem to be leading you nowhere?
  • Feeling disheartened by it all and that it’s all just become too hard?

A News poll on 700 Australians showed that psychological factors play a large role in achieving and maintaining weight loss. An often overlooked part of these psychological factors include the emotional energy stored in our fat.

Often times, significant events in our lives that have an impact can result in excess weight steadily creeping on, for various reasons. As body fat creeps up, it stores the emotional impact of the event and provides a safe haven for it to be managed.

Only problem is then we’re carrying our experiences emotionally and physically in the form of body fat! It gets uncomfortable!!

A 49 year old lady I was seeing had been fighting the game of weight loss yo-yo’ing. She wanted to fit into her favourite clothes again. Based on previous experiences, her emotional program had become self-damaging. That is, when she started losing weight, it triggered the stored emotional message “If I lose weight, I am sick and unhealthy”, which ultimately created unconscious actions ensuring she kept weight on. As we unfolded this realization, she was professionally supported through the yo-yo weight changes, breaking the physical and emotional cycles holding onto the fat. The positive impact on her sense of power and the process of weight loss was fantastic.

In my professional experience, I’ve seen many examples of excess body fat inadvertently becoming a secret friend, for many and varied reasons. Emotionally, it serves a purpose and letting it go means altering emotional patterns that got it there in the first place.

Cut the emotional anchors. Enable yourself to develop healthier emotional programs toward weight loss. Are you holding onto your body fat or are you emotionally ready to let it go?

Lose weight from the inside out!!

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Dr. Elizabeth Celi, PhD
Psychologist and Author