meditation, counselling psychologist, relaxation, mindfulness, vitalityWhat turns you on?!! Really revs you up?

Time to get philosophical and all “what’s the meaning of life on you for a moment!!

Ever stopped to consider what you want? What makes you happy? What’s happiness you ask?! Well, that’s a subjective thing, goes back to the first question, what do you want….for you and your ultimate life goals?

We live in a world where we’re rushing around, meeting the obligations of social systems, professional expectations, family obligations. Doing what you were told was ‘the right thing to do’ by your parents, society, work….pay the bills, take the kids to school, wear this, not that, buy this, buy that, drive here, drive there, do this, do that…..……..

Life’s fast. Life’s complex. Demands high…… It’s like a super freeway in that skull, only it’s a closed tunnel, the traffic isn’t going anywhere!


Take a few seconds..….sit..…feel your butt on the surface you’re sitting on…..relax your shoulders……stop your shaking knee or churning gut, turn the volume down on the traffic in your skull. Recall a time where you were laughing from the gut, smiling from inside…..where you just felt so content and satisfied, that it left you on a mood high for the day, or even days/weeks! Do you recall? Are you remembering where you were, who you were with, what you were doing? What turned you on about it?

It’s so vital to our Well being to remember these simple things and draw out their Essence of what turned you on so much. We get caught up in the whirling Roller coaster of Life, that the simple things which give us the positive energy to continue that Ride aren’t given enough attention. Invest the time and effort into these simple, yet MEANINGFUL ‘things’. That’s what Well being and Happiness are fundamentally about.

The Ride to Well being can uncover some blocks and obstacles that have cheekily kept you stuck on the whirling Roller coaster. Strategic uncovering and processing of these blocks are best managed by a professional Psychologist. Dealing with these bumpy parts of the Ride will cost little in the short term when you consider the life long benefits you’ll ultimately enjoy in an improved quality of life. The whizzing Roller coaster. of Life turns into a Rewarding Journey that turns you on to your Essential Well being!!

Enjoy the Ride ? What do you want from it? What turns you on?!!

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Dr. Elizabeth Celi,
Psychologist and Author in men’s health