10170399_sVITALITY – our energetic juice for our body, mind and soul.

  • Do you feel refreshed after a night’s sleep?
  • Are you enjoying a balanced eating plan?
  • Having fun with your exercise & activity plan?
  • How about being surrounded by people who positively challenge you?

So many things to consider when thinking about that one word…VITALITY!

It encapsulates so much. Consider some of the following fundamental elements in building a solid foundation toward vibrancy and vitality:

Sleep has to be one of the major healers for our body.

Quality sleep that allows your body to recuperate from the days activity, sort and file the myriad of information you absorb. Our cells recycle, our memories consolidate. Hit the reset button on the brain networks, ready for another day.

Feeding your body nutritional fuel is a goer!

Think about it, would you run your car without petrol? Or would you put petrol in a tank that’s made for LPG or diesel? So why compromise on the quantity and quality of the food you take in. Food is Fuel!!! Keep it simple with natural, unprocessed food. Our brain and body need it so it can keep you internal organs pumping strong. Not to mention initiating and maintaining the tasks we expect our body to perform over a day.

Then we get to more health and fitness based activity like exercise.

Whatever activity, hobby or exercise you choose, make sure you enjoy it more than not. Let it get your body systems, like your heart rate, body temperature and muscle exertion just slightly out of its comfort zone. The body cells recycle further, rejuvenate and bring on that Youthful Glow. No need to think athletic performance level, I’m talking simple health and fitness gains to keep avoidable lifestyle diseases at bay.

Last but not least, who are the people you surround yourself with?

We all meet so many walks of life whom inspire, teach, challenge and stimulate us. Hopefully there’s one or two that help you chill out! Those that do challenge you, do they do so in a way that leaves you positively growing as a person? Are they Energizers or Drainers in your life?

Combine some of these fundamentals and you’ll be efficiently contributing to your Physical, Mental and Emotional Fitness… a great foundation for your Spiritual Fitness. A simple step per day or one habit done consistently once a week can be all it takes to help you toward tapping into the Vitality of Life…..Bring it On!

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