Study1-white-combination-08The ultimate power of your True Man…..

The ultimate power in any situation is The True Man learning how his Regular Joe plays out, then how his Mr Invincible plays out. More importantly your True Man also learns how these two internal characters battle it out with each other. This is foundation of my first book “Regular Joe vs. Mr Invincible – The Battle for the True Man”.

Why is it important to know? First, because every man has his unique psychology, his Regular Joe and Mr Invincible naturally think and filter information in a certain way. Second, because we are all social creatures so it’s inevitable that those thinking filters will clash or coincide with others unique psychology. Third and most important, it gives his True Man the courage to be vulnerable and the strength to defend it.

Regular Joe, knowing the vulnerability is temporary, uses his True Man to find out how to deal with the difficulty, productively, so as to clear his psychological slate. In defending it, Regular Joe works in productive partnership with his Mr Invincible to defend himself, appropriately, with the people around him. Mr Invincible isn’t all bad, he’s the part that helps men fight fires, go into the mines, negotiate a tough win/win deal or simply get that spider your wife wants outside rather than inside.
You see, the True Man in every Man is his inner leader, his more spiritual nature.

Not in an airy fairy or spook kind of way! It’s much more grounded than that. It’s more about his intuition. Despite what people think, men are very intuitive.

Only men do intuition men’s way. Note it, observe it, hold it or deal with it, signal it with the other party in a quick and simple nod (or equivalent) and get on with it! In doing this though, the True Man always looks for the win/win way to deal with a situation so that other key people in his life are in on it and verbal communication channels are clear. The strength of the True Man is that he uses the natural power play between his Regular Joe and Mr. Invincible to his advantage. The ultimate power to put you ahead of play in the health stakes.

Dr. Elizabeth Celi, PhD, MAPS
Psychologist and Author
Author of “Regular Joe vs. Mr Invincible – The Battle for the True Man”