Dr Elizabeth Celi, psychologist, counsellorDr Celi’s speaking and presentation engagements in men’s health focus on supporting other men’s health workers, coaches, advocates and HR departments wanting to increase understanding of men’s health in the workplace context.

  1. For men’s health workers, coaches and advocates wanting individual coaching and support, further details and bookings can be obtained here
  2.  For group presentations and HR workshops related to men’s mental health – please contact Dr. Celi’s office here and you will receive a response within 24-48 hours.
  3. For presentations regarding spiritual health for both men and women, please review Dr. Celi’s website, The Entrepreneur Soul

When Dr. Celi started her men’s health advocacy 12 years ago with the release of her first book, “Regular Joe vs. Mr Invincible – The Battle for the True Man”, she had two clear missions;

  1. Ensure men’s natural masculinity and way of viewing and interacting with the world was not only understood, but Elizabeth Celi Ride the mountain 1appreciated and incorporated into day to day discussion and interactions throughout all areas of their life
  2. Continue to the advocacy until such time that men themselves could speak up, productively and authentically, and BE HEARD. Truly heard and listened to instead of being verbally shot down, told to suck it up or worse accused of misogyny if they were disagreeing with a common place view (note, these “common place views” not necessarily always right or productive)

If we’re going to ask men to speak up more, then when they do we need to stay in productive conversation and perhaps even productive debate WITH THEM and be prepared to listen and consider.

Near 13 years later, much has been achieved and social awareness and understanding has improved in many areas. Of course not all but hey, same goes for particular women’s matters. We keep moving forward.

Dr. Celi took a step back 1-2 years ago and reviewed the situation after a decade of active involvement and advocacy for men’s health and male victims of domestic abuse/ violence and noted a great advancement.

IMD 2008 11A lot more MALE men’s health workers, coaches and advocates have stepped out, speak their truth and support other men on their quest and journey to rediscover themselves in the new social fabric of the 21st Century. They do so in health promoting ways. Productively. Informatively. Authentically.

Encouraged by this, Elizabeth now continues with mostly strategic advocacy and presentations in men’s health and particularly supporting and coaching the men’s health workers, coaches and advocates in their work with men one on one.

Men supporting each other in the social healing gathering these men’s health workers are offering is very powerful. It needs only men in that space where many nuances are simply understood and they can get on with their men’s business of emotional healing and positive coping and interactions man style.

Elizabeth will continue to see men one on one – book and schedule your time online right here –  and particularly if they are wanting to progress their spiritual health through their soul reading and meditation. Please go to The Entrepreneur Soul website for further information on this.