Breaking the Silence KIT

$99.00 $59.95

Congratulations on making this investment in yourself or for your loved on. The Breaking the Silence Kit has been put together to ease your doubts. To stop feeling like you’re losing your mind, regain being your own man, re-establish a happy relationship and healthy control of this situation, for your kids at least.


For men and family and friends supporting a male victim

Your Breaking the Silence complete KIT includes the following;

  • CD SERIES: Four-CD pack “Breaking the Silence Series” – with four interviews with various men’s health workers speaking about different aspects of abuse and violence toward men by women
  • BOOK: One copy of “Breaking the Silence – A practical guide for male victims of domestic abuse” 
  • BOOK: One copy of “Regular Joe vs. Mr. Invincible – The Battle for the True Man”
  • BONUS CD: “Mind Power for Men” – interview with the late Max Walker
  • TOTAL VALUE $99.00 (incl. gst for Australian residents)
  • SALE PRICE: $59.95 total + P&H (incl. gst)