Online counselling

How do online counselling, or Telehealth, sessions work?

We use a secure and convenient telehealth (online video) platform which provides secure, easy to use features. So we can privately and confidentiality address whatever concerns need addressing during your session time.

Book your introductory 45-minute session here – $150.00 AUD

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Only available for new clients who have not booked with Dr. Celi before. 

What do I need to participate?

  • A computer or laptop with a webcam (inbuilt or externally attached) connected to the internet
  • Any device with a webcam connected to the internet

And of course, your good self ready to have a conversation.

We will confirm your first appointment on our Introductory session and subsequent appointments at the end of every session.

How to prepare for your online/telehealth session:

Some quick and easy preparations can make your Telehealth session all the better.

To make the most of the time we have online:

  • please ensure you are in a private and comfortable space. Preferably an independent room where you won’t be interrupted.
  • ensure your mobile phone is actually switched off (unless you’re using it for the session itself!). After all this is YOUR time and you deserve the uninterrupted space.
  • even phones on silent with visual notifications and vibrational buzzes can be distracting at a moment when you’re about to receive a “light bulb realisation”. These are important and valuable moments you don’t want to cheat yourself of. Please ensure your mobile phone is completely switched off.

psychologist-telehealth-medicare-rebates-dr-celiGive yourself 5-10 minutes preparation time beforehand.

Jot down any notes on what you want to talk about.

If a brief deep breathing exercise can help you zone in to your self-care time, go for it.

Or take a moment to review any notes you took last session to reconnect you with discussions we had.


Take a step forward with your 45-minute introductory appointment – $150.00

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Only available for new clients who have not booked with Dr. Celi before. 

Start time

We will start your session on time, as we confirmed when making your appointment.

If you’re late, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to go beyond the allocated hour for your session due to other appointments scheduled.

You will receive a unique link up to one day prior to each session we have online.

  • This link is unique to you with a specific meeting id and password
  • Please click on the link to Join 2-3 minutes BEFORE your scheduled time
  • In case your computer/device needs to prepare to launch the ZOOM program, then you won’t feel pressured that it’s cutting into your session time.

Payment and rebate process

Toward the end of your appointment:

  1. We will finalize full payment for your session. Please have your credit card ready to finalise payment in-session, via a secure credit card payment facility
  2. Upon receipt of your payment, Dr. Celi will do your online Medicare rebate claim, if applicable, (secure Medicare portal). Please be aware credit card payments can take 1-3 days to process and register.
  3. If you prefer to cover payment via EFT or credit card prior to your session, please be advised payment needs to register at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Contact Dr. Celi for further details.

Cancellation / rescheduling policy

Any cancellations or rescheduling of your appointment time within 48 hours will incur the full fee.

This is due to the fact that other clients were not offered your appointment time or put on a waitlist as a result of the session time already being reserved for your appointment.

Once your appointment time is confirmed with you, your treatment plan is being prepared between one session to the next. This ensures you receive 100% presence and diligent psychological care each and every session.

Online-counselling-book-Dr-CeliHow else can I prepare for my sessions?

I always encourage my clients to get themselves a notebook that is purely for these one-on-one sessions. Actual paper notebook and pen/pencil to write with!

There’s several reasons I encourage you as my client to do this. Both in preparation for your first session as well as in between each session.

Writing by hand helps you simultaneously process what you’re writing. Your brain actually has a chance to get a little space – an incredible gift in todays day and age! – while you write and take it in, process it, consider it.

The mental health benefits of this, especially once we start chatting about various tools and dynamics in your session, is priceless.

So before your sessions start, enjoy a self-care trip to get yourself a journal that makes you smile. Maybe even a pen that you’ll love writing with.

Go as simple or fancy as you want, it’s entirely personal to you and for your eyes only.

Note down any events, thoughts, feelings or goals you’d like to address within your sessions.

From then on, consider it a work in progress. This notebook will become a handy reference manual for you and your psychological care.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch

Please email to clarify anything further about booking your session.

I look forward to being of assistance to you and getting you back on track to live the rewarding life you want and deserve.

It can be more challenging or anxiety-provoking booking the first appointment than it is to have that first chat. I’m here to make that easier for you.



Book your introductory 45-minute appointment here.

I look forward to assisting you to move forward of your current challenges.

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Only available for new clients who have not booked with Dr. Celi before.