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“Experience is a touch teacher. She gives the test first, the lesson after”

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Online coaching psychologist – easy, convenient, breakthrough those blocks, Sometimes you just need an objective sounding board.

Someone totally independent of your life and everyone in it.

Someone who’s just an easy phone call away, even a face-to-face phone call away.


Dr. Elizabeth Celi, Psychologist and Author, incorporates 19 years of research, conference presentations, travel and media commentating into her coaching psychology consults.

With 13 years as founder and director of two private psychology practices in Melbourne Australia, Dr. Celi has;

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  • Published two books, “Regular Joe vs Mr Invincible – The Battle for the True Man” and “Breaking the Silence – A practical guide for male victims of domestic abuse” [read more]
  • Has had three television appearances [read more]
  • Produced multiple CDs and resources [read more]
  • Multiple radio and print media interviews [read more]
  • Currently writing her third book in Spiritual Psychology due for launch 2017.

Dr. Celi consults internationally with individuals and groups in Australia, the USA, UK and Europe.

How can Dr. Celi assist you?

Life can throw us some curve balls sometimes.

Stress, boredom, dissatisfaction or managing tough changes don’ t have to rule your life any longer than necessary.

Cutting through your confusion, racing thoughts and obstacles, Elizabeth delivers personalized strategies that empower you to find solutions and effective actions to manage any challenges.

  • Want to rediscover the buzz & satisfaction in your work?
  • Changing jobs, changing careers, planning retirement?
  • Simply wanting a change in life to find more purpose and fulfillment?

It doesn’t have to be a crisis. Deal with the small hurdles and you save energy for the fun things in life.

Consider for yourself;

  • Do you need someone who’s just got your back?
  • Someone to simply be an objective sounding board?
  • Someone 100% focused on you and moving you forward?

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