Australia – we have a problem!

1. 5 men a day are killing themselves, compared to 1 woman a day.

2. Australia didn’t have a National Men’s Health Policy until only last year, 2010, to tend to the physical, psychological, social and family health of Australian men. read more…

3. That’s 20 years after our National Women’s Health Policy was launched, which rightly led the way to great health care for women. I’m actually shocked at this 20 year gap – media interview.

5 men a day are killing themselves
Compared to 1 woman a day
What’s happening to our men?

The highest proportion of men dying are between 30-44 years of age.
Our brothers, partners, husbands, fathers and sons

We’re losing our future masculine influence.

The significant shift in the Australian man’s role and identity in the 21st Century is contributing to his difficulty in attending to his health.

Now the normal health differences between the genders need to be recognized and appreciated on the ground level.

A National Men’s Health Policy can steer the direction of many amazing services already on offer for men.

A Men’s and Father’s Health Forum at our Australian Parliament House in Canberra on March 19th in 2008 had me contribute to a media interview on the absence of a National Men’s Health Policy and on the amazing 20 year gap since our National Women’s Health Policy came into play.

Together with Dr. Elizabeth Celi’s book raising awareness for all Australian men and women on the considerations we need to make in supporting men, non-judgementally, toward looking after their own health, our new National Men’s Health Policy provides a framework to efficiently and effectively attend to the specific health needs of our husbands, partners, fathers, brothers and sons.