Podcast Interviews – Male victims

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Bloke Support – Episode 1 – Male victims of domestic abuse and/or violence

Bloke SupportEpisode 2Male victims of domestic abuse and/or violence (Cont’d)



Australian Institute of Crime (AIC) Conference – 2011

Dr Elizabeth CeliPart 1: Dr Celi introduces the topic and the panel of speakers at AIC conference – click here

Part 2: Toni McLean: counsellor with the Think Twice! program presents on the history of research and evidence showing history of female abuse and violence toward men. It’s isn’t a new phenomena! – click here

Part 3: Greg Andresen of Men’s Health Australia talks about the barriers for male victims in seeking help – click here

Part 4: Greg Millan of Men’s Health Services provides an overview of the training program “Working with men affected by violence”- click here

Part 5: Dr Celi facilitates Q&A with the panel of speakers – click here