Men's health psychologist, male victims of abuse, psychologist, counsellorWith the release of her two books, “Regular Joe vs Mr. Invincible- The Battle for the True Man” and “Breaking the Silence- A practical guide for male victims of domestic abuse”, Dr. Celi has taken a prominent role in educating the public, organizations and politicians on the productive dynamics and pitfalls of masculine psychology in modern society.
Dr. Celi’s relentless and thought provoking advocacy is centered on the following areas:


  • identification of the many social blocks and missed opportunities that we as a community have to face up to
  • ensuring collaborative efforts for male specific health needs are addressed appropriately and fairly
  • awareness of male psychology and the invaluable role of men as contributors to our communities.

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Transcripts – Senate Select Committee on Men’s Health 2009

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Additional resources:

  • Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project – world’s largest domestic violence research data base, 2,657 pages, with summaries of 1,700 peer-reviewed studies – click here for website
  • 46-page bibliography listing over 500 evidence based research papers regarding female aggression and male and children victims – click here