Meditation poses (1)When it comes to men and their health, it’s too easy to write off their complacency and potential apathy….

“You know what men are like…she’ll be right mate”

Why doesn’t he just go to the doctor? Well, for a lot of men, it’s just not that simple. While it’s easy for us to say and do, we’re not in the man’s world where his Mr Invincible and Regular Joe battle it out. I interviewed six Australian men between 43 and 67 years of age about that internal battle in relation to men’s mental health and their manhood.

Paul, a 67 year old retired senior manager commented:

‘Men are more inclined to work through a health problem themselves…it’s a manly thing not to go to the Dr.”

Adam, a 51 year old Director, comments on his former Mr Invincible attitude when experiencing Bipolar Disorder symptoms; “..and this was me…years ago, ‘oh depression, bullshit me be depressed, what are you talking about. I’ve got nothing to be depressed about, women get depressed not blokes. I’m successful…’ ”

It doesn’t have to be a serious mental health problem though. David, a 47 year old executive director shared how his Regular Joe can experience low mood, just in the man’s way;

“…for me, I get a hollow feeling, sometimes a sadness, I don’t particularly feel like interacting or doing things. You’ll feel anger build up potentially, you’ll feel frustration build up and if someone crosses your path, you’ll take it out on them…but I don’t think I stay in that state very long…”

Tom, a 44 year old mechanical engineer, put the cards out on the table:

“So I think without your health you haven’t got much to work with…my physical health is very good. I make sure of that. My emotional health needs some work, but it’s not necessarily what I can solve readily…”

Men’s health and men’s identity go hand in hand. I’m looking forward to helping you get your Regular Joe back into the ring so your True Man regains his power. After all, it is the man’s world, the True Man’s world.

Dr. Elizabeth Celi, PhD, MAPS
Psychologist and Author
Author of “Regular Joe vs. Mr Invincible – The Battle for the True Man”