Male victims of abuse

NEW 2016The Daily Telegraph  – Men are also victims of domestic abuse –> read here for very important and prompting questions about how we now move forward with attending to the issue of domestic abuse and violence

The Weekend Australian“Always beating up on men” – read here

Television media

Thank you A Current Affair for your coverage of the reality for male victims and female perpetrators




Radio mediasad-man-sitting-on-bed

SBS “I’m going to stab you” – listen here

4BC Good Relations – “How would men know they’re victims of abuse?” – listen here


man-frustrated-hands-on-head-wedding-ringPrint media

NEW 2016: The Weekend Australian“Always beating up on men” – read here

The Australian – “Fiona Richardson’s story fails the gender test” – read here

Does the Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence even have a blind spot? Insightful article highlighting that Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, Fiona Richardson, experienced abuse and violence at the hands of a female perpetrator, her mother….

Brisbane Times“Story of domestic violence against men is hidden, complicated, disputed” – read here

An open letter to Rosie Battythought provoking discussion, overview and evidence about the bias – read here

Daily Mail UK – ‘Rise of the female ‘relationship terrorist’ – read here

West Australian“Men can be victims too” – read here

ABC News – “Male victims with nowhere to go” – read here

Weekend Australian “Hidden epidemic of women beating up men” – read here

Mail Online“Sad reality of women’s aggression” – read here