being a man, masculinity, manhoodWhat does it mean to be a man?

This is not an easy question to answer. Many men feel pressured to play different roles in the different areas of their lives. Being ‘good’ at work, at home, as husbands, partners, lovers, fathers, friends … this expectation can lead to a lot of stress.
For all the benefits of feminism in promoting womens’ rights and roles, it can feel as though this movement has put men and masculinity under attack.

Men need to be men.

Dr. Celi is all about supporting men to be true to their strengths, without ego. Discovering who this is, under all the images and expectations of society, family, the media and friends, is not always easy but it’s hands down possible and well worth the quest.

Same goes for women and their strengths, but we’re talking about men here. Do this in its true form, and with society learning how to work WITH these masculine strengths (men included!) will go further in creating win/win situations with far less stress and strain.

Normal confusion around masculinity at different ages, without the right support can be a risk factor toward depression, which for some can be a risk factor to suicide attempts. And given our Australian statistics show men suicide four times more than women, support to help men feel less trapped and raise hope is paramount.

You are not alone. You don’t have to cope alone. But you don’t have to spill your soul to a total stranger either.

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