Mens’ health matters – we need a new way of looking at things

Men’s health issues can get wrapped up in all sorts of things.

Expectations from society, the media, family and friends lead to confusing messages. A man used to be considered healthy if he was physically fit, but we know now that there are some very serious men’s health issues that include mental health, self-worth and identity. Labels are not always that helpful. It could just be that you’re finding things difficult, having a tough time at home or at work, or you feel you don’t have a place where you can just be you.

Always wrong in an argument but know you are right?
Are you thinking ‘there’s got to be more to life than this’?
Find yourself upsetting her and don’t know how?
Damned if you do and damned if you don’t?

The pressure to change who you are and how you deal with life can seem overwhelming at times. This can cause problems such as depression, relationship breakdown, violence, job loss and social isolation.

Each day in Australia 5 men take their own lives, compared to 1 woman.

This figure is a crisis and it is a call to action.

Dr. Celi is dedicated to men’s health and psychological well-being

Bring out your True Man, communicate his beauty, health issues take care of themselves

Something the feminist movement didn’t factor in. Feminism has achieved some great things for women and men. It made society re-evaluate how women were treated and re-integrated them into our social fabric more than they were before.

Feminism was a social movement that, for that era, needed to happen. It’s been time for a long time now to turn our focus to men and give men’s lives and men’s selves the same kind of attention and care.

It doesn’t help men or women if men simply conform to a way they think they should behave. Whether this is fitting into traditional male stereo-types (strong, independent, provider, tough, capable) or idealised male stereo-types (supportive, caring, strong, understanding, capable).

What we need to do is re-evaluate how we relate to one another. We need to develop new and relevant rules for communicating.

This website is dedicated to men’s quality of life. To encourage men to step into healthy, self-responsibility and develop relationships with people that involve self-appreciation and other-appreciation. On this website you’ll find:

  • Articles and information about men and men’s health issues
  • Dr Celi’s ground breaking books as resources for developing your True Man:
    • Regular Joe vs. Mr Invincible – The Battle for the True Man
    • Breaking the Silence – A practical guide for male victims of domestic abuse

Dr Elizabeth Celi puts a unique spin on men’s health issues

Elizabeth brings a fun, relaxed and easy-going style to the serious subject of mental health. Whether it is at a workshop or via her writing and media communication – Elizabeth talks in a language that men understand. She is down to earth and very real.

And she hopes her resources can help you bridge the gaps in your life. Between you and loved ones, you and work mates, you and friends, even you and the person you would like to be.

We hope you find the website valuable and look forward to supporting your quality living.