Relaxed, easy going, informative, laughs all round. Guaranteed, you’ll observe clear cut ways that men and their health can be spoken of with respect and courtesy to their natural and normal masculine psychology, no digs or underhanded comments that she’s observed all too often that twist her stomach.

Depending on the topic, some controversial issues may arise that can ramp up the energy in the room, the air conditioner may need to be adjusted to cool the room temperature. Despite the heated topics that may arise, the manner they are approached is always respectful. We “attack” the issue, not the messengers. You’ll always leave the room with some food for thought.

Elizabeth targets her presentations to the audience in the room, there are no short cuts or generic presentations slightly tweaked for each audience. Each presentation is prepared from scratch on the foundations of her knowledge and experience accumulated over her 8 years in psychological practice and professional speaking.