EMDR is a trauma-focused therapy for people who have experienced traumatic events, in any walk of life. 

Whether you lived that traumatic event personally, witnessed it or were impacted by it somehow, EMDR therapy may be able to help you.

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Whether it be a natural disaster, combat,  bullying, accidents or shocking and unexpected events (witnessed or experienced) that are beyond what any human can handle, EMDR helps manage and reduce the distress of the traumatic memories.

Healthy memory processing

In non-traumatic circumstances we process memories in a way that helps them integrate from our short term memory into our long term memory. We can recall it without major stress or distress.

Distressed memory processing

However, when traumatic events occur, any part of that experience can become a “frozen” or “stuck” memory. It doesn’t integrate as it should and it keeps triggering disproportionate distress. It’s very uncomfortable and you don’t need to live with it that way.

EMDR therapy helps our brain, nervous system and stressed out psychology integrate the memories in a healthy way. So your lived experienced in the here and now isn’t negatively impacting your life as much, if at all.

Contact Dr. Elizabeth Celi at info@drceli.com.au to inquire further about EMDR therapy for your circumstances. You don’t have to live with that distress.

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You don’t have to relive the difficult experience in therapy and you don’t have to stay stuck with the distress of it either.

It simply needs a helping hand to shift into the right space in your brain and mind and help take the burden of the experience off of your shoulders.