What readers are saying

“The battle for the True Man is a brave book written by a courageous author. Dr Elizabeth Celi is a woman. It is very hard to write a book about men if you are a women but she has pulled it off which is extraordinary in itself. I think the book will help a lot of women and men understand the inner workings of a man and in doing so bring healing to both individuals and marriages. Men and women are very different and wonderfully compliment each other. This book will bring a lot of healing between the sex’s.”

Warwick Marsh, CEO Fatherhood foundation, 53 years of age

I wish I had been able to read a book of this caliber when I was younger as it would have given me a better understanding of the pressures that my ex husband was under. I would recommend this book to females and males of all ages who care about their own or their loved ones health.

Karin H, Senior Manager Finance Industry, 59 years of age

The book was very informative it makes you realise the pressure that men are also under. The men in the book are like sponges, they soak up everything that they experience in life, work, family life and other demands that is put on the, from past to present. It is a True Man who admits to themselves that they need a break or help. This book gives them the tool to say it’s ok to admit that they can not do everything, to step back and regroup.

Aurora S, 49 years of age, married 21 years, mother of two

This book has opened my mind to the struggle men face and has allowed me to prepare in being an understanding true woman. not an over bearing feminist or man hater (which is where the media is heading is representing the struggle in relationships between men and women). Elizabeth, you are truly hitting the nail on the head. I recommend this book to men and women everywhere, it has come at a time it is most needed, and action needs to happen in men’s health now.

Nicole S, 21 years of age, Public Relations assistant.