Regular Joe vs Mr. Invincible

“This is a courageous book for it’s time. Everyone should read it so they can relate to the men in their lives… I trust this book will become a treasure, a catalyst for the next step.”
Foreword writer Max Walker, Australia cricket legend and loved sports commentator

average joe, men's health, masculinity, psychologist, counsellingThrough her book, Regular Joe vs. Mr. Invincible – The Battle For The True Man, Dr. Celi is connecting with men and facilitating their recognition of how their internal world and external factors interact and influence their health, manhood, relationships and ultimately performance psychology.

In this book, interviews with six Australian men provide a candid picture about their experience as men, fathers, partners, business men and mentors.

They face the same pressures as all modern man – how to stay true to yourself in the face of pressures from society, family, friends, work and your own expectations.

The interviews and Dr Celi’s writing offer a fresh perspective on men’s health and wellbeing. The book provides a genuine understanding of healthy male thinking with real stories, inspiring moments and practical advice about becoming and staying a True Man.

Your investment: $29.95 AUD (incl.gst)

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“The battle for the True Man is a brave book written by a courageous author. Dr Elizabeth Celi is a woman. It is very hard to write a book about men if you are a women but she has pulled it off which is extraordinary in itself. I think the book will help a lot of women and men understand the inner workings of a man and in doing so bring healing to both individuals and marriages. Men and women are very different and wonderfully compliment each other. This book will bring a lot of healing between the sex’s.”

Warwick Marsh, CEO Fatherhood foundation, 53 years of age

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