Breaking the Silence

Dr Elizabeth CeliMale victims of domestic abuse are not often spoken for or spoken about. In this ground breaking book, Dr Elizabeth Celi sets out to debunk myths, provide practical guidance and create a much needed resource for men who are experiencing domestic abuse and those who wish to help them.

If you are a man who has suffered domestic abuse, you may feel confused about what to do and whose fault it all is. You know you’re not safe but you don’t know how the situation got so out of control. If you have kids, there’s an even bigger risk than leaving an abusive or violent situation – leaving your children behind in it. At times you may even feel like you’ve failed at being a man.

You’re not alone. And although it’s not an easy cycle to break, it is possible. With the right guidance, practical tips and the right team in your corner, you can rebuild your sense of self, your relationships and your life.

‘Breaking the Silence: A Practical Guide for Male Victims of Domestic Abuse’ is a book for men in abusive situations counselling, counselling psychologist, men's health, psychologist, clinical psychologistas well as those who are trying to help – from friends and relatives, through to professionals.

The first part of the book gives context to the issue of domestic abuse against men by female perpetrators to help you understand what’s happening and some of the reasons why. The second part moves onto practical steps you can take to break the silence and break the cycle of abuse and violence. It is a valuable tool for both men and women. Topics covered include:

  • 5 things to avoid when verbally defending yourself
  • How to understand her anger
  • Tips for saving your relationship or managing a divorce with minimal stress
  • Tips for keeping the kids safe
  • How to deal with the stigma attached to male experiences of abuse
  • Empowering men – how to be your own man without apology

Dr Celi’s first book ‘Regular Joe vs. Mr Invincible – The Battle for the True Man’ entered new territory in the area of men’s health and wellbeing.

This, her second book, is an equally timely and in some ways revolutionary book. It’s the book that deals with a subject most people don’t want to talk about.

Much research has been done investigating the very complex dynamics of intimate partner abuse/violence.

Despite a lack of conversation and minimal integration in services, there is an abundance of research investigating and discussing assaults by women on their spouses and male partners. The silence on this issue is astounding.

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Further Research and information in this area:

Partner Abuse State of Knowledge (PASK) project –  The world’s largest domestic violence research data base with summaries of 1,700 peer-reviewed studies – click here for more information.

Bibliography of research – 46-page summary of over 500 references and reviews. Click here to download.