Psychologist with a focus on men’s health, trauma and wellbeing

If respecting masculinity again is needed, Elizabeth Celi is the 21st century antidote to Germaine Greer.

is a Thought Leader and a leading voice for men’s health.

Psychologist and Author, Dr. Celi is also an award-winning speaker and media commentator on men’s mental health and masculinity.

Through regular TV and radio appearances and interviews, workshops, seminars and publications, Dr. Celi helps to debunk the negative myths and stereotypes about men – our fathers, husbands, uncles, grandfathers, sons and brothers.

Elizabeth champions the need for more positive male role models through a renewed appreciation and mutual respect for the strengths and skills of men and masculinity, as they now apply, in the 21st Century.

Elizabeth continues to be encouraged and re-energized by male viewers, listeners and colleagues emailing her with their gratitude, experiences and insights.

Dr. Celi’s professional background and qualifications

A philosophy of quality living

Quality living is the guiding philosophy behind Dr. Celi’s work. The media and some parts of society can often present gender issues in a combative way, as if relationships between men and women are a ‘war zone’.

When Dr. Celi began her focus on men’s wellbeing, she wanted her research and education to stem from a more positive and less divisive place. This is how the concept of quality living came to inform all aspects of her work.

The philosophy behind quality living is not anti-feminist, but it is alternative to some feminism. We recognise that addressing men’s needs, roles and relationships has not always played a significant part in feminist theory or practise and we strongly believe that it is time to redress this gap. is a website and resource centre established to promote and improve quality of life for all men. Informed by Dr Elizabeth Celithe quality living philosophy, it respects men for who they are and aims to meet men on their own terms, assisting them to fulfil their lives in the best way possible.

Dr. Celi’s advocacy through media and supporting men’s health coaches continues to raise awareness and keep productive discussion moving forward for men’s health and men’s quality of life.

Together we all continue to keep men and women accountable to proactively respecting healthy masculinity for what that means for the 21st century way of living.

Respecting manhood, healthy mentoring of young boys and respectful relationships that go both ways in recognizing the strength of our differences and the connection of our similarities.

Media commentary through TV, radio and print interviews – refer Media to date here Australian Achiever Awards-Highly Recommended Australian Achiever Awards-Highly Recommended Speakers Association-Rising Star